...a world of beauty and elegance from the florist who comes to you!

Flowers Make a Statement

A single well-placed arrangement has the capability of creating instant visual impact. When such a piece is specifically created to accentuate its immediate surroundings rather than being purchased from a retailer's in-house stock, the effect is even more dramatic. It's personal - a signature.

Our Unique Service

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Advantages of Working with LavendeRose

Flexibility and Mobility - I come to you; you do not have to shop at an impersonal storefront.

Custom Design - All arrangements are custom designed to your personal specifications. No more searching for the right piece that will match your interior. No more dropping off a swatch of fabric at a retail establishment, hoping the end product will be what you want.

Detail - Attention to detail as well as the big picture.

Commitment to Quality - What I create for you will be a true work of art that will last for years.

All Work is Gauranteed - If you don't like it, I will redesign it so you are satisfied.

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